Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 OSI Network Fairness Model (Updated)

Back in 2008 I published my 2008 OSI Network Fairness Model. Given the SOPA and PIPA legislation now in consideration this model obviously needs to be updated!

The 2008 Fairness Model added an Enforcement Sub Layer into the existing 7 layer networking model. This sub-layer added new features to ensure that the proper authorities are informed of your activities, that your ISP's competitive objectives being met, that media companies are automatically compensated for content consumption, that litigation is automatically initiated and that anyone with a bad attitude towards this model is automatically subjected the model's filters.

Now with legislation getting behind enforcement on the Tubes we can beef that up. To keep things simple only two new sub-sub-layers are added.

New SOPA and PIPA enforcement sub-sub-layers:

  • 3aa: Automated DNS filtering and DNS seizure order generation
  • 3ab: Automated filing of criminal charges on both parties

I am quite certain all this is very easy to implement and will work correctly and not damage Internet security at all.

The sub layers now implement both civil and criminal legal apparatus, including internationally scoped actions. Finally the Internet will be safe for everyone.

The OSI Network Fairness Model [2008]
Data unit Layer Function
Data 7. Application Network process to application
6. Presentation Data representation and encryption
5. Session Interhost communication
Segment 4. Transport End-to-end connections and reliability (TCP)
Meaning, Gist, Intellectual Content 3a. Clone Redirect Clone and redirect to any requesting enforcement agency or paying commercial service (police, intelligence services, credit reporting agency, telemarketing companies etc.)
3aa. DNS Using implementation of 3a. filter DNS according to SOPA and PIPA requirements and generate automated DNS Seizure orders.
3ab. Criminal Using implementation of 3a. trigger automated filing of criminal charges, no fly list entry, driver's license suspension, passport cancellation and tax audit of both parties in the transaction.
3b. Delay, Drop, Mangle Delay, Drop or Mangle packets of competing services, especially but not limited to untariffed VOIP, online advertising and vindaloo take away
3c. Automated Copyright Management Detect any electronic use and directly debit semi-random users savings account
3d. Automated Litigation Commencement File suit with over reaching damage claims based on faulty evidence in wrong jurisdictions against minors, the dead, pets and people who don't know how to use computers.
3e. Attitude Adjustment Trigger one or more of the above filters if user's attitude is not favourable
Packet/Datagram 3. Network Path determination and logical addressing (IP)
Frame 2. Data link Physical addressing (MAC & LLC)
Bit 1. Physical Media, signal and binary transmission

Thanks to Wikipedia for OSI Model

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