Thursday, July 31, 2008

CBC News Covers Xof1 Arrival in Inuvik


Xof1 to the Arctic Ocean, Two Oceans to go

Great news this afternoon. Marcelo and the xof1 road crew reach Inuvik today. By far going to the Arctic Ocean is the toughest leg of the Xof1 North American Sea to Sea to Sea tour, and I think we can now all know that that car is up for anything. Day 49 - Inuvik, NT

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Xof1 shines in the arctic sun

I am eagerly awaiting Marcelo's announcement that Xof1 has reached Inuvik. Marcelo's Xof1 Solar car project has drawn on expertise, resources and equipment from all over the world, but the quest to drive to the Arctic Ocean in a solar powered vehicle is totally 100% Canadian. Go xof1 team Day 46 - Dempster Highway km 324 - Eagle Plains and going...