Monday, January 21, 2008

The wildlife of The Life Aquatic

The Life Aquatic, a brilliant film staring Bill Murray, features fictional wildlife with names and unusual features that convincingly mirror the real weirdness of ocean life.

  • Flourescent Snapper, usually appearing with Jaguar Shark
  • Jaguar Shark, Shark like fish, 10 meters in length, unfamiliar dorsal features, spots all over it, capable of eating a man with some chewing.
  • Albino Dolphins, trained dolpins that are supposedly very intelligent.
  • Crayon Ponyfish, a seahorse like creature with horizontal stripes in crayon colours
  • Electric Jellyfish, come ashore with a rubber tide, volley balls sized jellyfish that glow and pulsate luminously when left by the tide, and possibly extremely dangerous
  • Vietcong man-of-war, easily confused with Electric Jellyfish, possibly extremely dangerous
  • Snow mongoose, thought to be extinct white mongoose creature that lives on or near the ice
  • Jack-whales, whales whose songs can be heard above water
  • Sugar Crabs, small white crabs with coloured stripes that dont normally mate until after the solstice
  • Porcupine Fish, appears near the sunken airplane
  • Rhinestone Bluefin, a kind of fish that Steve used to bait the Jaguar Shark
  • Hummingbird Fish, seen from the sub while hunting the Jaguar Shark
  • Kentucky Zissou Fly/Gnat, a bug from Kentucky named by Ned but reidentified by Eleanor as a Gnat

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