Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Xof1 Photo Artifacts 9: Electronics compartment test assembly

This is a picture of an early test assembly of the electronics compartment. The big black box is the motor controller. There is also a telemetry radio, the telemetry computer, various patch panels, and a Vicor DC DC converter.

There were probably 100 of these test assemblies.  The final system did not include the telemetry computer or radio.

The (scary looking) little brown board in the upper right is a board with calibrated shunts for doing current monitoring.

Observe the tape on the one side of the box.  "NO METAL TOOLS....".  Dropping a metal tool in this box with the power on would be a very expensive and dangerous light show.  When working on an electric vehicle its good practice to completely cover metal tools with fusion tape to ensure they cant short various things.

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